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Defense of Righties

By: Guy Fawkes

I'd like to defend the Righties of this world. (This is in response to one of Kasuto's Ramblings, and isn't meant to be hurtful or insulting to anyone.) The part that really made me want to write this was the part when you said that "Lefties" are generally smarter than "Righties" I'd like to clear something up.

Everybody knows that there are to sides to the Brain, the Right Side and the Left Side. The Left Side is the side that does the major thinking. It does your math and logic. The Right is where most sensory organs respond to. It is the more creative side. Generally, People are leaning to one side. Men, usually to Left, and Women usually to Right. This goes back to the Cavemen times.

Men had to hunt and be clear of mind. They had to devise tactics and strategies for hunting down animals. Whereas, Women on the other hand had to forage when they weren't attending children. Therefore, it made sense that they would have to notice everything, in order to gain the best likelihood of finding something. Thus, the opposite genders developed differently.

Here's where it gets good. The most powerful thinking is done where the two sides of the brain merge. This place is called the Corpass Colossus. (I don't know how to spell that.) It's pronounced "Core-Pass Co-loss-us," Studies show that Lefties generally have a larger Corpass Colossus then Righties. This may be, but there have also been studies showing that Women have, generally, a larger Corpass Colossus then men. This really doesn't prove anything as knowledge is made up in different levels. One may know something but be unable to comprehend it. There are many different levels, the highest being teaching. (If you know something, and understand it so well, can break it down, put it together, look at it as a whole, do it yourself etc... that you can teach it to someone else, then you truly know it.) I'm a Rightie, and I believe I've learned quite a few things in my short life. There have been great people who were righties. Plus, there are more people that are righties. This gives us the majority count. This probably explains why most products are made specifically for Righties. The Developers were obviously Righties.

I am not sure about this, I think that Righties have better Eye-Hand Coordination then Lefties. That's why so many People who play games where you have to throw or catch things are Righties. (Soccer, Football, etc...)

This concludes my opinion. Remember, this is just my opinion, and I only rushed to the defense of righties. This wasn't meant to make anyone feel bad.

~Guy Fawkes~

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