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Top Ten Annoying Creatures on The Legend of Zelda Games

By: Heather of the Zoras


10-Tektites. No matter what you're doing, if there is a Tektite any where near you, it's going to bounce around like a helium float in a Christmas parade, and bug you like the three year old brat across the street until you waste your time to to kill it.

9-Poes. When you're minding your own buisness and trying to enjoy scenery or travel on the back of a horse, a Poe will come out and bug you just because they can. But if you get too close, they up and disappear. And to think, there's actually a guy who collects them.

8-Deku eating dogs. What kind of dog eats wood anyway? This has to be the only dog in the whole world that's predjudiced against Dekus, and it's sitting right in the middle of Clock Town.

7-The Bombers gang. Sure, they say they want to help people, but they are forever asking questions, one after another, (when do they have time to catch thier breath?) and prying into other people's personal lives, and they encourage you to do the same.

6-Tingle. He calls you Mr. Fairy, and wears those awful green clothes. All he does is fly around in that stupid balloon all the time, making and selling maps that are almost useless anyway. He makes Mido look smart.

5-Castle guards. These guys are such idiots. They won't let you go anywhere or do anything, and laugh at you for no good reason.

4-Kaepora Gaebora. This guy must be a relative of Navi's or something. When you know exactly what you need to do, and how you need to do it, he comes in and tells you anyway, interrupting everything that's going on, and boring you to death with endless jabber.

3-Elemental Keese, or just Keese in general. Every time you try and do something, they fly up and set your shield on fire just for you to buy one and have it roasted again. Either that or they freeze you in your tracks so they can watch the other baddies have thier fun.

2-Cuccos. All they do is spit feathers make racket when you don't want them to. And then when you get annoyed and hit them, they call up their buddies and chase you all over the place.

1-Over talkative fairies. Yeesh. If you don't know who I'm talking about, get out of that hole that you're living in, and go play some Zelda!


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