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A Psychological Overview of Ganon

By: Lord Wolf

    In every single Zelda game Ganon is the typical bad guy. Why is this? Well to put it simply, Shigeru Miyamoto needed an antagonist, and Ganon was born. But let's imagine this as if it were a real life situation. What could possibly drive a man to be so obsessed with the triforce relic? I can think of a few situations.
    One of them is that at a young age some powerful foe killed adolescent Ganon's parents, so Ganon got revenge. He felt powerful after killing whatever foe killed his parents and wanted more. Eventually he became patron of the Gerudo clan. But that's not all, he wanted more power, because he felt others threaten him. Once he got this taste of power, his hunger was insatiable. This would mean Ganon is inherently greedy, and it is a personality flaw.
    Another situation (one which I favor) would have a young Ganon pitted against a major foe which killed one of his loved ones (starts out the same as the last one) except here we see a very different Ganon, a young, and handsome man. He calls upon his Gerudo Gods and in his moment of need, they abandon him (in his mind at least). So he turns to the powers of darkness, they empower him to overcome his foe. And then he begins to worship these evil Gods, and they lead him to an artifact which can make him a God himself. Since the light has already rejected him (in his mind at least, again) Ganon has nothing to trust in but the dark, so he follows through with what the evil tells him. It'd be like if Link went for the kill on Ganon then the Master Sword crumbled and Zelda lost her power, and then Ganon crushed Zelda, Link would be pretty angry, who knows, he may even follow Ganon's (proposed) path.
    And the third situation is that Ganon simply is a pawn to a greater power. This could mean Link is a pawn to a greater power as well. If some evil God did take control of a mortal Ganon, then the Goddesses may have imbued upon Link super natural battle abilities (how else would several different incarnations of Link overcome impossible odds). Though I do not think that one of the Goddesses directly controlled Link, I do believe they did empower him. Who knows, maybe Ganon is an avatar for an evil God walking the mortal realm?
    Each of these situations are completely believable, but who is to say which one is correct? I doubt Shigeru Miyamoto ever gave it this much thought, so all of them are correct, and yet none of them are.

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