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What Really Happened "ever after" in Hyrule?

By: Midgetboysk8

"...And Link traveled back to his original time, and lived hapily ever after."

But what actually happenned after Ocarina of Time? Usually, "happily ever after" means that the guy marries whatever damsel in destress he saved. Is that what happenned to Link? Though it is quite desireable and romantic to imagine that he married the beautiful Princess Zelda, or maybe his lifelong lover, Sariah. But did he? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Though Link was obviously in love with both Zelda and Sariah, and though every single female sage except Impa was in love with Link, he did not marry any of them. How do I know? Think about it. In "A Link To The Past," Aghanim sends all the descendants of the seven sages to the dark world in order to open the seal. This, of course, must include the descendants of Zelda, Sariah, and Ruto, and even Naburoo. Link II, however, is not among them. This means that he did not have children with any of the seven sages, though all seven of them did have children. So who did Link marry? The first person that jumps to mind is Malon. Though Link was not as deeply in love with her as he was with Zelda or Sariah, there was an implied affection between them. But there is still the question of why didn't Link marry Zelda or Sariah or even Ruto? Who did they marry? What happenned that prevented the standard romantic relationship between the hero and the princess that happens in most fantasies? What was it that made it impossible for the hero to marry the girl he had loved since childhood? Did Link defy all the standard hero destinies and marry the farm girl? It would appear so, but what if...

Maybe Link II is not descended from Link I. Though it sounds strange, it would explain a lot. For one, it explains why Ganon didn't immediately come after Link II and destroy him as well as the descendants of the seven sages. Didn't he say that he would escape and exterminate all of Links descendants? Maybe he did, and Link II is completely unrelated to Link I.

By Midgetboysk8. Feel free to tell me what you think or to send me some of your own theories. My e-mail address is My website is

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