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Majora and the Happy Mask Salesman

By: OniGanon   
The Happy Mask Salesman is Majora, and though he looks like a frail little idiot he is actually immortal. In an attempt to rid himself of evil, he created a mask to embody all the evil inside of him. He then went on to make people happy, which in turn made himself happy, but just as light casts a shadow, his happiness was echoed as negative emotions that were fed into the mask until the mask was absolutely brimming with dark power. Then one day he lost the mask, or more precisely, the mask had lost him, for the mask had a will of its own, an evil will. It came into possession of the people of Termina, and caused great evil, and so it was banished into a void. It had taken many ages of searching before the HMS found his mask again, and he was gladdened for he thought it would be safest in his hands. Although he is an immortal, he's still an idiot, and he managed to get robbed by the Skull Kid. Not particularly wanting to search for his mask again for another couple of ages, the HMS decides to either get someone else to get it for him or have it destroyed completely. Destroying Termina would be a small price to pay for the destruction of his evil, for the power that mask holds could destroy many worlds. Majora's Mask didn't mind since it fed on misery and destruction. In the end he didn't have to destroy Termina, because Link managed to defeat the evil inside of the mask. The HMS picks up his empty mask, smiles walks away.
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