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Kelly Osbourne - Keep on Preachin'

By: PoeTrader

    You know, all these girl groups and singers out there are all the same: skinny, pretty, brainless, and their voices have all been modified by a little thing we like to call "studio magic".  The only talent those girls really have is some moderate dancing ability.  A few of them can sing okay, but none of them are exceptional.  What the media and the fans really focus on is their look.  Is that all that matters nowadays?
    Most of you know that Kelly Osbourne did a cover song of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" with a more upbeat tune and even made a video for it.  And she also performed it at the MTV Movie Awards.  She's also working on a new album that's supposed to be ready to go by the end of Summer 2002.  Good for Kelly for reaching one of her goals!  What I can't stand are these idiots who focus on her weight.  I've even seen it on the official Kelly Osbourne Message Boards.  "Fans" talking about her being a little "chunky".  Well I got news for them.  MOST girls in this day and age DO NOT look like Britney Spears, or Jessica Simpson, or whoever the hell else is famous right now.  I have to admit that most of her fame comes from the fact that she's Ozzy Osbourne's daughter, but I commend her for having the guts to even contemplate a singing career in today's "Looks ARE Everything" world.  We all know she's not that skinny, so what?  She's not a giant cow either.  I look at her and I see a normal, fun-loving girl.  She has her own style and she doesn't care about what anyone else thinks about her.  That's most admirable thing about her: she doesn't give a crap what anyone else thinks, she's OKAY with who she is.  I just wish other girls had the same guts as she did.  I really wish there were more people like Kelly Osbourne in this world that little girls could look up to.
    My message to today's preteen girls:  Don't let America's "looks are everything" way of thinking ruin your life.  Do NOT let the losers who think that way get to you.  They know nothing.  Be proud of who you are.  Flaunt your individual style.  Be proud to be different!  Take a moment and listen to Kelly: "everyone dresses the same [today] and it's boring."  She's right.  It IS boring.  So do yourself a favor and live a little instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks about the way you look.  You'll only end up feeling miserable.

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