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Defense of Playstation 2

By: Christina Sanders

    I just read your "I hate PS2" rant and I felt inclined to respond.  I am aware that you said you would only laugh at criticizm on the subject, but then I belive you were expecting the criticizm to be a bit below what I am writing, something along the lines of "U AND UR #%*$@*% SITE SUCK!!!!!! PS2 DA BOMB ZELDA IS *&%$* NINTENDOSUXNINTEEDNOSUXNINTEDNOSUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    As a brief sidenote, I find those emails you have on your wall of shame quite amusing as well, and I simply cannot stand people who use all caps, ten exclamation marks, and that obnoxious internet abbreviation.
    In any case, I find your site to be perhaps the most complete and impressive one out there, and I simply love your writing.  Your anti-PS2 bit was pretty well agrued, which is perhaps why I feel like arguing back.
    I am, actually, a very obsessive Zelda fan (in fact, I wear a Link hat I made to school every day) and, deep down, Nintendo holds my heart.  I also have a deep loathing for X-box, not only because it is a Nintendo competitor, but because it's from Microsoft, who are already well on their way to taking over the computer world--can't they leave video games alone?  But as far as Playstation goes, I am somewhat fond of a select few of their games, and I have no real hatred for it.
    I consider their real saving grace to be the games made for Playstation by Squaresoft, mainly the final fantasy series (although I am aware that some of the earlier games were for Nintendo.)  During the waiting period for new Zelda games, I will sometimes turn to these for entertainment.  They are very well made, with interesting plots and lovely music.  I would never put them before Zelda, of course, but they do have their own value.
    I also had a few issues with some of your arguments; mainly your criticizm of the reverse-compatability.  I know that many people probably do have a PS1, but some may not.  I myself got into the gaming world tragically late (age 14 with the release of Ocarina of Tme) and was quite frustrated at how much I had missed.  I am now in the process of trying to catch up on all the Zelda games I've missed, but not only do I have to collect the games, but I need their various systems.  It would be nice if I could play them all on a machine I already have.  I suspect that some newer Playstation fans are quite relieved at the reverse-compatabiliy feature; they only have to track down old games.  Of course, a Playstation is much easier to find than an origional Nintendo Entertainment System, but in a few years things may be different.
    Another qualm I had with your arguments was your attack on the extra features.  Certainly I think no less of my beloved Gamecube because it has none, the games are the point.  But seeing as I don't have a DVD player, and I don't intend to buy one until the stop making tapes for VCRs, it is rather nice to be able to use the PS2 for movies.  Perhaps not worth the extra money, but nice.
    To wrap this up, I am not a PS2 fan.  I don't even have one, my friend does and I've only played a few games on hers.  But I do see some value in the thing, and I consider it as a worthy opponent of Nintendo.  Hey, it's better than X-Box, at least.

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