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Naturally Evil

By: Solowolf15

    To us plots are black and white good or evil, but in truth, story plots have many grey areas. Ganondorf is one of them. Nobody naturally evil, not even Ganondorf, but in all of the Zelda games is constantly portrayed as the antagonist the flat out, down-right bad guy, but isn't natural for some to be that wicked without some sort of purpose, so what was his purpose? It's simple...he's power hungry. With lust for the Triforce, he'll do any thing to have it. Same thing with Majora's mask, the skull kid isn't naturally cruel, the mask mislead him to do mean and cruel things.
    So what of the protagonists? Are they all was this good? Well no, they're  human so there allowed to make mistakes, but we normally see them as all perfect heroes, but in OOT, Zelda made a big mistake by giving Link the Ocarina of time and allowing Ganondorf to enter the sacred realm. So the bad guy isn't always bad and the good guy isn't always good. Confusing isn't?

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