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Hylian Literature

lErdiSe hilana

LŽrdishe Hilana

Here are some examples of Hylian literature. One thing that makes Hylian writings stand out is the apparent absence of any rhyming or alliteration. Its use of seemingly tongue-twisting sentences and syllables is what makes Hylian writing unique. It is meant to be read aloud.

This is a common prayer said to the goddesses. It is relatively short and is usually said as a quick request for guidance.

d)ginEn alban, kriaS&sinEn d@a taz toere,
pi&ntinEn d@a nosu tokan,
vosu'san opJEn S@ v@sas ab nosu Ek vosu'san
brinstEn d@a amkane S@ witas ab nosu.
m$strans ab taz kaitsae veuarda d@a
vakonktre ank nosu,
taro nosu panktas ab uniag vosu ont

DťginŽn alban, kriashasinŽn da•ia taz toere,
piŠntinŽn da•ia nosu tokan,
Vosu'san opjhŽn sha•i va•isas ab nosu Žk vosu'san
brinstŽn da•ia amkane sha•i witas ab nosu.
Mo•astrans ab taz kamitsae veuarda da•ia
vakonktre ank nosu,
Taro nosu panktos ab uniag vosu ont

Holy goddesses, creators of the world,
mothers of us all,
May your eyes watch over us and your
loving arms guide us.
Show the true path of
righteousness to us,
So we can join you in

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