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Minish Cap Official Art

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Link dashing into a battle sporting his fancy new cap.
969 x 616 pixels
160 KB

The Minish Cap Logo.
1024 x 703 pixels
117 KB

Link using the gust jar to suck up objects around him.
936 x 688 pixels
209 KB

Kinstones: Magical stones that create mysterious effects when combined with a matching Kinstone.
992 x 640 pixels
82 KB

Link being made the Minish Cap's bitch as he is dragged about.
1024 x 1042 pixels
117 KB
A Picori, a tiny mystical creature that lives in Hyrule and only children can see. They refer to themselves as the Minish.
1024 x 1560 pixels
206 KB

The Minish Cap tries to knock some sense into Link.
1024 x 1509 pixels
167 KB

Zelda holds the shield that she will give Link at the festival.
636 x 891
102 KB

The Minish Cap has some kind and encouraging words for our hero.
1024 x 1328 pixels
160 KB
Vaati, the villian.
311 x 435
20 KB

Link reading either a map, or a lullaby to get that damn hat to shut-up.
1024 x 1569 pixels
185 KB
Link runs from a gigantic Jelly Chu- or rather a tiny Link runs from your typical every day Jelly Chu.
760 x 831
228 KB

Link stands tall and proud- a fleeting moment as he'll soon be greeted with the sass-talking hat from hell.
846 x 1580 pixels
359 KB
Link stares at amazement after he is shrunk to Minish size.
760 x 846
176 KB

Link and the Minish Cap get ready to fight.
1024 x 805 pixels
215 KB
Link and Minish folk looking shocked. May or may not be a giant cat behind the camera.
500 x 409
53 KB
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